Admission & Rates

Take a tour of Parsonage Cottage

Stroll the walking path, view the common areas and experience our inviting rooms.

The Process is Easy and Personal

It is suggested that before beginning the admissions process the prospective resident arrange a personal tour of the Cottage, including lunch, joined by two or three friends or family members. At this time, the candidate can experience the charm of the Cottage first hand; any and all questions can be answered; and admission forms can be discussed. Please call 203-869-6226 or email Penny Lore, Director, and request a tour appointment.

Affordable Costs

$134.09 per day. $4,500.00 per month. Parsonage Cottage is reasonably priced.

Financial Assistance

Assistance is available to individuals through a Connecticut program named “Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled” (AABD) which can provide funds for up to 90% of the daily cost of the Cottage.

What’s Included

EVERYTHING. Every facility, activity and service found on the web site is included in the rate. There are no extra charges.